Home EV Charging

Home EV charging is the best way to run your EV. Charge at home and never worry about range during your day to day driving again.

Fully Installed from €410*

*Subject to Government incentive of up to 80%

Plan Moves III available

Price includes standard installation

Easy to use

Accredited installer

Install time as little as 2 hours

Simple order process

This home EV charger runs at 7kW and is great for overnight charging on your driveway. Featuring a smart app that will allow you to monitor and schedule your charging to make the most of off-peak energy tariffs. Its sleek design doesn’t disturb your driveway and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

This charger is compatible with all EV/PHEV models and allows users to charge with ease. Our 7kW home charger is controlled by the Project EV app, which features a range of smart features, allowing you to get the most out of your charger.

22kW Charger
Early 22Kw Charger
7Kw Pro Earth Charger
RR Sport P400e Charging
One of our Installs on the Costa Blanca

Features and benefits

5 Year Warranty

Smart App

IP rated for weather protection



The App

The Project EV app is packed full of features that can simplify your charging experience and is easy to use.

Plan Moves III

We can assist you with claiming the government incentive to make the process simpler

Installing your charger

We include standard installation costs in the pricing of your Home EV charger, if your charging arrangement is more complicated, we may adjust this price to fit, we will always inform you of this before the installation.

  1. Choose your EV Charger – Look through our chargers or speak to a member of the team to find out which charger would work best for you.
  2. Confirm a date and time – we will ensure the date and time is set and this will be scheduled in with our installer.
  3. Our electricians will arrive to install your charger and confirm the location and install process with you, once completed, they will begin this install – this takes around two hours. Once completed, the charger will be tested and you will be provided with the relevant documentation.
  4. Once complete, our electrician will give you a handover and you can charge your EV as you please!