Our Products

We currently stock a range of Project EV chargers, ranging from 7kW single phase AC chargers, perfect for domestic use, through to 40kW three phase DC chargers, ideal for rapid charging times when managing fleets of EV’s or providing shop customers a place to charge their vehicle on a road-trip.

ORBIS UNI 7.kW with Tethered 5m Cable and Type 2 Connector

This is a single cabled 7.4kW attractively designed, easily installed, user friendly smart charging station

The Viaris Uni charge modulator optimises the use of the power available in the installation to charge the vehicle, avoiding the need to increase the supply capacity.

VIARIS COMBI + 7kW or 22kW

This charger presents the versatility and functionalities of the VIARIS COMBI together with the design and easy handling of the VIARIS UNI.

This charger is suitable for either home or commercial use


Project EV EVA-22S-S

This single plug 22kW three-phase EV charger is ideal for commercial use. It utilises the onboard power converter to convert the power allowing the car to charge as fast as it can without getting DC power involved.

This 22kW AC three phase charger is ideal for fast charging on your driveway, office car park, or to offer to your customers if they visit for more long periods.

  • Smart time shifting – utilise off peak tariffs and only charge when its cheapest
  • Free monitoring app
  • Optional RFID, simply touch and charge

Project EV EVD-40S-P

This DC charger is perfect for managing fleets to acting as a fast charger at your business. It can charge at full 40kW speeds by bypassing the onboard power converter and charging the battery directly. DC power is a must have if you extremely fast charging on your premise.

This charger is extremely fast, but also has a great compact design and can be optionally mounted on a floor stand. Containing its own onboard RCD isolation, you can rest assured that this unit is extremely safe and easy to use.

  • 7 inch screen for adjusting settings and parameters
  • Free monitoring app
  • Resistant – IP54 protection for outdoor installation.

Dual Plug Range – 7/22kW

Our AC 7/22kW range of EV chargers all come in a dual plug form. This freestanding tower has two sockets to charge two EV’s simultaneously. This is perfect for a double driveway or for an office car park to allow for more charging in a smaller area.

This charger provides twice the charging connections and takes up the same amount of space, so if your business’ car park is already a tight squeeze, this is the perfect option for you.

  • Free monitoring app
  • Full protection – Electrical, temperature and water
  • Onboard RCD